After the long awaited moments of hearing the voice of God’s servant Rev. Dr. Harry Insaidoo on radio, he is officially back on radio. He has been yearning to be back on radio and this time with more grace for the work of God. He is in the Christian fraternity working miracles with his teachings on HiRadio. Rev. Dr. Harry Insaidoo affectionately called Pastor Harry has been in the ministry spreading the word of God for over 50years now. He possesses the gift of teaching the word of God that soothes the soul with the delight of always studying the bible. He is on air with two radio programs namely; BIBLE TIME at 7AM and BEDTIME REFLECTIONS at 10PM every Monday to Saturday.


BIBLE TIME is the early rise bible program that motivates, encourages and inspires listeners about the true light that dwells within us and the salvation Jesus Christ brought to us to be saved and inherit the kingdom of God. We study the Bible and spell out the hidden truth. We would know that in times of Loneliness we should look to God for he alone is our ultimate comforter.  During Bible time, we discover that when we pray, there is healing, there is solution to all kinds of problems we face in our daily walk of life; there is a turning around and victory. All this begins with the decision of making Jesus Christ your Lord and master of your life.


BEDTIME REFLECTIONS is an evening program where we reflect on the wondrous works of God in our lives and share testimonies as such to thank him. Live Prayer sessions are done.

Join Rev. Dr. Harry Insaidoo every Monday to Saturday on HiRadio with Bible Time at 7AM and Bedtime Reflections at 10PM on the HiRadio app

God richly bless you as you tune in to listen to God’s servant Rev. Dr. Harry Insaidoo

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